Malaga is a city located on the southern coast of Spain, in the Andalusia region. With its Mediterranean climate, golden sand beaches and rich history, Malaga is a popular tourist destination. The city has impressive architecture, such as the Alcazaba, an 11th-century Moorish fortress, and Malaga Cathedral, known as La Manquita due to its incomplete tower. Furthermore, Málaga is the birthplace of the famous painter Pablo Picasso, and his legacy can be seen in the Picasso Museum, which houses an extensive collection of his works. Visitors can also enjoy lively nightlife, fresh food markets and delicious Andalusian cuisine, including dishes such as espeto de sardines and Malaga's famous sweet wine. With its historic charm and vibrant atmosphere, Malaga is a place that captivates all who visit it.



Bar cofee shop

Transfer of cafeteria bar without kitchen

This establishment is the perfect place for those entrepreneurs who want to enter the world of hospitality without needing a full kitchen. Since you can make tapas heated in a toaster or microwave.

One of the advantages of acquiring this transfer is that it has a license in order, which will allow you to start operating immediately and without legal worries. In addition, our clients will be able to enjoy a pleasant and cozy atmosphere while enjoying their favorite food or drink.

We cannot forget to mention that our cafeteria bar has piped music, thus creating a unique and pleasant atmosphere for all visitors. Without a doubt, this detail will make a difference and will make clients feel even more comfortable and relaxed during their stay.

If you are looking for a business in the hospitality sector with an innovative concept and without the need to have a full kitchen, do not miss the opportunity to acquire this cafeteria bar transfer. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards your new venture!




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Comercial activity

Bar cofee shop


without kitchen





Pl. de la Aurora, Málaga

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